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Ed has been training at Podfit since 2013 and he now only trains online at 7am every weekday
See how Amy made the change to training online during lockdown and has never looked back
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Helen has been training at Podfit since 2017 and she now only trains online at 7am, 9am, or 5:30pm
See how Janette changed to training online and how she 'roped' her husband to come too!

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video on demand

Choose from 19 different categories and over 2000 workouts from meditation to rowing, to active ageing and everything in between

Video On Demand
Virtual AI coach

Choose a male or female virtual trainer and utilise the 3000+ exercise librairy. Use one of our pre designed workouts and plans, or build your own and schedule them into your week

Food Tracking

Use a live coaching call to get you motivated to start with confidence.  Track food in seconds and keep yourself on track using our barcode scanner

Track and Review

Keeping a journal is a proven way to help with goal setting. You can track  your weight and over 100 other metrics, check your progress and earn over 150 badges

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Retrain your brain in 10 minutes a day or less and increase your brain's capacity for learning and growth

Challenges & Leadersboards

Spice up your motivation For running, walking or cycling or any activity. Access on any tracking device.

Communities & Groups

An oasis of positive social interaction for you to learn from and to be inspired

Personalise your plan

Plan activity in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines and track automatically with every step you take. You can even set break reminders!

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4.99per month

  • Video Workouts (19 categories)
  • AI Coach and programme builder
  •  Exclusive Video Workouts
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Challenges and Leaderboards
  • Meditation and MindVibe
  • Communities and Courses
  • Full Tracking




29.99per month

  • Full Pro Features Access
  • Initial Lifestyle Consultation
  •  New Training Plans Every 6 Weeks
  • Food Tracking and Coaching Service* 
  • Weekly Messaging and Accountability




29.99per month

  • Full Pro Features Access
  • Initial Lifestyle Consultation
  •  Monthly Live Nutrition Call
  • Weekly Food Tracking and Coaching Service 
  • Weekly Messaging and Accountability



49.99per month

  • Full Pro Features Access
  • Full Pro Coaching Access
  • One Live Group Session Per Week

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